Just about everything you need to know about the psychedelic class of 2003 at GSGIS
(pictures coming soon... i hope)

Me and Myself! Your wonderful webmistresses!

Amy Weiss This is the wonderful person that made this page possible! NOTTTT!!! Amy is a Fraggle.. strictly the one named RED. As we all know, Amy's face turns red... i think that's why she's the red fraggle. We all love Amy and her Kangaroo pockets. Very cozy aren't they? oh yes, all full of heads! GIMME A NARSY NOTE! I DEMAND IT! Amy loves three things: The beatles, Soccer, and I dare not mention the third. HA!

Dandy Li Wow, it's me! APPLAUD ME! BOW DOWN TO MY GREATNESS! The potato demands it! I would be able to think of a witty comment but I can't due to my constant lack of sleep (not b/c of homework mind you. but b/c of my stupidity) Sigh, I'm tired. Need... to... work... on... homework. But remember "I'm down with OPP, Yeah you know me!"

ALL OUR BUDDIES (from our lunch group.. so don't feel bad... you'll be up here soon enough!!!) LISTED ALPHABETICALLY SO NO ONE FEELS LEFT OUT!

Anne Bowman: okay, not being mean to anyone else... but she makes us look like idiots!! and she's REALLY TALL! AND SHE'S REALLY GOOD IN ART (which you'll find that a lot of us are) And after an ENTIRE FREAK YEAR I still haven't gotten a picture. Let me go to my shallow hole and cry my eyes out. But Anne's cool, if I considered lying just to make fun of her... it would be disgraceful!

Ben Easter: or shall i call you Benjamin?? I had no idea if you still exist considering I NEVER SEE YOU IN THE HALLS. and of course, the "no classes together" factor. But that makes me sad, wait.. no it doesn't! I don't have to listen to your corney jokes! Hurrah! I would say more but I don't know if you really exist or not. so I'll end it at that.

Elz England: Elz you are the MAN! yes yes... i proclaim you a man.. hopefully that is what you want (????) But i thought you wanted to be a cat? would that make you a MAN-CAT? a MAT or a CAN? I definitely know that you still exist! but that was some time ago... so i'm not too sure about you anymore! Remember that biting is bad, RABIES HURT!

This place belongs to a VERY IMPORTANT PERSON. Much more so than the one after stevie (don't you feel so unimportant?)

Steven Foy The one... the only... the STEVIE! Yay! I haven't met a single person who could rhyme as you could. Wow! What talent! IF only we could possibly be able to understand each other... y'know... work on the communication barrier! You know I could say some stupid random comment that you would never understand and so I will: Ohhh! Necrophilia in relations to Amputees! I'll explain later.

(someone important goes here... but i can't or amy would kill me!)

Michelle Goodman: Two years! Two damn years and not a single class with you! ARG! The ever famous MOKIE of the pair MOKIE AND RED. The creater (but not the spreader) of the sometimes infamous fraggle wiggle. HA! how grand? such a defining part of our class was invented by a... Powhatan chick!

Helen Graham: dude, someone with sweet taste in music! ain't that right? she's good in art (get me a pic), she hates bio (don't we all). oh yeah, she's from POWATAN (not as bad as the ppl that are from Goochland.. major hicksville) oh yeah, she's good friends with michelle (cuz they're both from powatan) AND I HAVE INCRIMINATING EVIDENCE AGAINST HER!!! BWAHHH HA HAAAA!

Chris Hamm: Hahaha! you strained your voice!!!! no... you can't be Satan forever! Well, he plays the bass (and sucks b/c he didn't go to the honor council meeting! and he didn't even have a valid reason not to! BOOO!) do you have email? cuz it doesn't say anything next to your name in the directory... oh yeah, he has hairy feet! (but so do a lot of other people)

Kyle Healy: (Pedophile Kyle...) What was it that you play? the ummm... oh darn... forgot... well, that thing that looks like a xylophone! hmm... being beat up by elizabeth must be fun!!! hey! DEBATE CAMP IS THE COOLEST CAMP IN THE WORLD! SO THERE! HAVE FUN AT LIBERTY! (right?) We're gonna rock the TDL's next year!!!! oh yeah, probably should say that you're really not a pedophile... but...

Jini Kades: What should I say??? I'M SORRY I FORGOT TO PUT YOU ON!!! (even a potato messenger makes mistakes, alas....i am still just a bacon bit!) Hey... isn't being an underachiever in gym fun??? yay yay hip hooray! next time, talk more! or the great potato will eat you up! HAHAHA! beware the masta cow! and always SMILE!

Elizabeth Kimball: ehh, forgot your email... so sad!!! she's the cool girl that looks like BRIENNE!!! yes, you do... and i'm sorry but that's just too cool... ah well! she has a sweet webpage and i'll add the link when i get it... i don't have that much stuff to put on here to mess up her life... so it'll just have to wait!!!! wahhhhhhhhh!!!

Kendra Kountz: she's the only kendra that controversial! remember evil is good and good is evil and japanimation RULES!!!! YAY!!!! she's really into anti-teenybopper things, yet so sad... she... is... a... dumb... blonde! i'm just kidding buddy! she's our official scanner (so i'll probably add your name to the green part sooner or later) watch out! she's got a rubber duck! Please refer to her as Kendra, girl...of destiny! Kendra notes that a good anime to watch is Trigun. WATCH IT NOW OR SHE'LL SEND KURONEKO AFTER YOU! She also needs to work on her maniacal random laughing...

Aimee Lee: hey! if you want someone to talk to... aimee is the one... she's ALWAYS ONLINE! another one of our artsy click person!!!! yay!!! she's very sarcastic, and yet... uhh... lovable... BUT WATCH OUT! SHE'S A DUMB BLONDE IN DISGUISE!!!!! DON'T LET THE BLACK HAIR FOOL YOU! oh yeah! GOOOOOOO FIRC!

Brian Myers: sorry to say... but he sits at our lunch group, so i had to add him... okay... here goes... he has a neon pink and green tennis racket... THE END!

Laura Mooney: She's just cool... hey... thanx for that PBS thing... but alas, i don't know thee quite well, so i'll get someone else to write stuff about you (preferably someone you dislike) just kiddin'!

Jim Myers: what can i say??? YOU'RE SICK!!! stop raping our fish and duck!!!! ewwwww! geez... ain't there more to life than sex jim???? hello????? dude... HE HAS A SWEET BASS GUITAR THOUGH!!!!!!!! and he plays the viola, which is pretty cool too... oh yeah, he needs to watch for that obscene language!

Anumeha Narain: dude, i'm not too sure about your email... i'll get it up later! you seriously need to use your voice! talk louder!!!!! yay!!!! well... she's REALLY NICE and REALLY GOOD IN MATH!!!! oh yeah! and she's an AMAZING ARTIST! and there's NOTHING AGAINST HER!!! LUCKY DUCKY!!!!

Matt Newman Fellow Henrican!!! yay! (even though henrico sux!) he's pretty funny but what's up with the pause between every word you say??? it is really that important to emphasize every word you say?? (but hey... it's pretty funny!) akk! you're only in one of my classes! and you sit all the way over at the other table... dundun DUUUUN!

Aliea Pastore: your email is way too long for my brain capacity... ahh well.. THE HIPPIE QUEEN!!!!! YEAH!!!! Rubber Duckies rule!!!!! WE ARE THE BOMB IN TENNIS!!!!!!!!! on another matter.... MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! she's a sweetie, and a huge hippie, there ya go!

Maura Pond: SHE'S TOOO NICE!!! STRANGE, YET NICE!!!! too nice IMO... hmmmmmmmm... i'm wondering about you maura... yes, i admit it... there is something quite strange with this girl, but hey! she's one of our art click ppl!!! yay art click!!! we rule!!! hahaha!!! hey! how did that plaster feel on your face? hmmm... i'll probably know by the time you read this! Hey, on another note... i'm terribly sorry that you printed out 12 pages of Nirvana lyrics, i should've told you that they were all on the same page and that clicking on a song only takes you to a spot on the page. OOOPS!

Kristen Simonsen: Wow! What CAN I say about Kristen? I mean, she is just so much better than the rest of us it's scary! I would bow down to her if it wouldn't annoy her! And, I just LOVE her taste in favorite colors. Pink is just soooo wonderful! And, she has the best webpage of all the ones associated with my site! It's just a shame that she makes me feel like less of a person.... (No beating me for all this! I'm bored and it's entertaining!)

Alex Sledd: if you don't become a fashion designer when you grow up, you can shoot me!!! ha! she's tall too... and nice... and a REALLY GOOD ARTIST! wowziers! dude, the only person i know who could sing American Pie (DON MCLEAN) without skipping a beat... heh... dude, she's really into OVERACHIEVING TOO!

Meredity Stubbins-Haack: hey! MEREDITY!!! hehehe... okay... it's really meredith... and no... nothing like the other one we have at out school! you keep changing your email so i have no idea what it is... hmmmmmmm... SHE'S A GOOCHLANDER (along with aliea)... hehehehe... make fun of the hicks!!! pffff!

Courtney Toiaivao: hey! it's BOB DYLAN!!!!!! BOOOYAHHH!! ain't it sad that we're getting a B in Pollard??? dude, she's tall, ARTISTIC, and fun loving!!! you're mouth is gonna get you into a load of crap on day!!! hahaha so there! and remember... maura is the soup nazi! and you are just a piece of extra tomato!!! not even a potato!! hahaha!

Rose Tyree: YOU NEVER GAVE ME AN EMAIL ADRESS!!!! PFFFFF... okay rosy POOO! she's short and in debate... AND SHE'S A LOSER! just kidding! another Powatan person... yes... with all the... COWS... AND... CHICKENS... but no POTATO!!! how could it be??????? that's just plain wrong... grow potatoes girl!!! now!!!

Danny Wysong: Dude, you have a cool name... i need to marry someone named Danny so it'll be like DannyDanDan... NOW HOW COOL IS THAT??? hey... you should probably stop making fun of meredity while you're ahead... okay??? she can be SCARY!!! hey!! THE GRATEFUL DEAD RULLLLLEEEEEEE!!!!

Jessica Zappia: okay.... she's REALLY ATHLETIC AND A BIG OVERACHIEVER!!! THERE YA GO!!!!! she's also got some pretty cool songs... and dude, she's just perfect... wahhhhh... i can't make fun of you!! and you're the last one too!!! no funn! no funn!!!!!!!wait! she missed in serving in tennis today! that's a sign of imperfection!