The Beginning of a New Breed of Superheroes and Supervillians
... The AVENGERS...
(AKA. The new Cult at GSGIS)


The Black Avenger
KENNY LAINE: Creater and Founder of this Mysterious Brand of Superheroes (or Supervillians). Kenny Laine uses her powers for both good and evil. The most mysterious of all the avengers, her superpowers are yet to be determined. Some people believe that she is not really an avenger, but fate in disguise.

The Pink Avenger

KRISSY BETH SIMONSEN is the PRINCESS PROTECTOR of all good in the galaxy. She watches over her minions with the upmost pride and care. However, her pacifist nature (or as the evil people would call... wimpiness) makes her an unworthy fighter, yet her plans of attack are unmatched. Her sidekick is Daisy, the Pomeranian, who could use her killer bite attack and magic wand attack to scare the evil avengers. Truly she (as in Krissy Beth, not the dog) has a "dizzing intellect."

The Green Avenger

DANDY THE AMAZING YOGURT GIRL is the sworn enemy of the dogooder Krissy Beth. She and her many minions (including the ambiguously ____ [yet to be determined] duo: Kyle and Danny, and the very excellent Liz) cause the controversialness of the world to stay nondebatable. She is the BIG BROTHER of all that is evil, and her evil sidekick is GINGER, the Yorkie.

The Purple Avenger

Known to all civilians as Kyle the Pedophile (Children stay away! He's EVIL!), nobody could have figured out that he was The Purple Avenger of the Ambiguously _____ Duo. Kyle is a gardner by day and a construction worker by the afternoon, working hard to "buff it up". He is known for trying out kiddie sized fish net pantyhose, and using the power of the flying hammer. He is probably one of the more noticable avengers, with the power to elude the police with a single bottle of hair gel!

The White Avenger (sorry there's no way you could read white type)

His name: Danny Wysong. His goal: to impose a communist regime on all! But for now, he'll have to settle with flowers and his German "buddy" Kyle. By night, he becomes the WHITE avenger, the other half of the ambiguously _____ duo. Danny uses his excess of paleness (the killer albino was his nickname on the school soccer team) and his sickle to fend off all good forces. His skills at chopping 10,000 times per minute makes him a lethal force.

Deiter The Midget German Minion

The unappreciated slave of the ambiguously _____ duo, Deiter longs to be an avenger himself. However, Danny and Kyle are being too ______ to notice. Deiter is forced to massage, clean after, and sometimes even :shudders: shave the arms of the ambiguously ____ duo. Like Oddjob (from Goldeneye), his powers of the kill strictly comes from his height deficiency. He could stab your knees to death!

... Characters to be Continued (cults don't just spring out of nowhere... they need to EVOLVE!)