To Piss off The Root of Beer
Do one of the following:
  1. Stand in a crowded room and yell, "SHORTIE!" without addressing the person. The Root of Beer will come screaming her head off in your direction. If this should happen, jump: she won't be able to reach you. If she looks confused for a second, don't worry, just stop shouting it.
  2. Say a lame joke and watch her turn red! Look her straight in her face and exclaim, "So what happens when I actually say a funny joke?"
  3. Draw a big circle and put a dot in the middle of it. Ask her what the significance of the dot is and prepared to be annoyed. Wait a while, and leave her in the middle of how the dot creates world peace. She will beg you to stay; this is when you will have her under your command!
  4. Wait until a day that the Root of Beer has forgotten her calculator. Lend her yours with the cap on. Watch her in fustration as she determinely tries to pull the cap off and later, put it back on.
  5. Gather a group of friends and laugh in unison as ________ __________ walks by. Mock her when she tries to do the same.
  6. Convince her that she's a fraggle by writing it anywhere and everywhere that you can. Let her erase it while you are writing more. As long as you are willing to write "amy is a fraggle," you will have her completely annoyed.
  7. Constantly make fun of her height and watch as she proclaims "shut up!" every single time!
  8. Tell her that she has a pen mark on her cheek. Watch while she tries to get her off. Tell her she missed and watch her rub harder. Continue the process until her face is completely red (if it wasn't already).
  9. Have a blonde joke group discussion and let her join. She will continue to say "shut up!" (sometimes, the other potato messengers wonder if that is the only thing she is capable of saying) and of course, she would have no effect as the group continues with the blonde joke. Hopefully, she would have dyed her hair orange the next day.
  10. Create a web page for her and say if she continues ignoring you, you will tell the world that she likes _ _ _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ _. hehehe
More to come!!!!