Okay. This girl seriously wanted this page so TAH DAH!! i'm making one! What can I say about Courtney? She's a piece of rotten cheese that has split left over from the saliva of many mice! What's even worse? SHE DOESN'T GO WELL ON A POTATO!!! SHE'S NOT WORTHY OF THE GREAT POTATO! SHE'S WILL DIE IN THE GREAT FREEZER! Oh yes, she has a big mouth. Y'know what happens to people with big mouths? THEY DIE! She also has a big nose! Y'know what happens to people with big noses? THEY DIE! She's also very tall! Y'know what happens to people who are very tall?? THEY DIE TOO! Oh yes, she also wears glasses! Y'know what happens to people who wear glasses? THEY GET TO EAT A PIECE OF A YUMMY BAKED POTATO!
Events involving the Dorkster!
For starters, everyone knows that courtney t. is a loser. But now you know she's a even bigger loser!!! One day, as courtney went a'walking as her little self, she spotted a big brown piece of doggie poo. She thought, "boy, this looks like a yummy piece of brownie!" Things kinda went along from there!
Another thing? Okay. Well, another day courtney had to go to the doctor's and get a narcotic!!! yay for courtney! well, this was quite an unfortunate day... courtney accidentally died from sudden death syndrome!!! oh well, good bye you stupid one! RIP, courtney!
MORE COMING LATER! (y'know courtney... as i was reading that stories part... i noticed that it was kinda to an extreme, so i'll change it... and it does come from different inside jokes... for the first one ask amy