Collections of Drawings, Poems, and Stories
Contributed by the Wonderful Freshmen at GSGIS to commemorate
the dedication of one, Ms. Shannon, and her grading technique

The first adventure!
Let's set the scene!!!!

Canada: the monstrous trees have become carnivores and has devoured our wonderful teacher as the first victim! Sailor Kristen isa wuss and will not approach the tree, yet Steven (our hero) is in his *purple* costume and ready to save the day!!! (even though he probably wouldn't if he knew what the tree was eating!!!)


The First Adventure Part II!!!

Well now! Mrs.Shannon is dead (alas...) and the wonderful students at GSGIS have decided to give her a proper burial! Onward to the HUDSON RIVER!!!!!


The First Adventure: Part III!!!

The excitement is building up!!! I didn't know Mr. T and Mr. Fleishmen ran hell!!! wow! I always thought it would have been Mr. Tharpe!!! Read our survey question!

IS OUR STORY AT A CONCLUSION??!?!?! IS THE WONDERFUL TEACHER OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS TRULY GONE!?!?!?! TUNE IN NEXT WEEK FOR THE NEXT EPISODE OF FIRC: MY ASS! Firc is an evil class. If you would like to donate money to any of us poor children who are being repressed by evil demons with whips, please contact any of us. Remember, not only are we poor, but we are starving (in the entertainment field!) Also, if you have Serial Experiments Lain OVAs or any imported Trigun mangas, that'd be great too.