The First Published Game!
by: Steven Foy, Kenny Laine, Chris W., and K something (name i can't read!)

    One day, at the Association to Protect the Rights of Headless Chickens, a debate rage on to whether or not the commune of nude chickens should be funded by taxes given by the entire population of chickens. (Including those who abstained from nude chicken activism). In the midst of the meeting lay and in chicken feathers... Mr. BIG BAD WOLF was waiting to get a mean of some juicy headless chickens. THe problem was that Mr. BIG BAD WOLF was not headless, so he was promptly kicked out. "Oh poo to you chickens... I'll get you my pretties, and you're little drumsticks too!" Soon, Mr. BIG BAD WOLF devised a clever little plan: he would sneak in as a "representative" of the cummune of nude chickens. So mr. BIG BAD WOLF got ready to make himself like the other chickens. First, he had to become headless so he chopped off his head and died instantly. Mr. wolf wasn't known for his intelligence, however, a necromaniac came upon Mr. BIG BAD WOLF's body and revived this poor, hungry wolf. AS he got up, he realized the major porblem in his plan was how he was going to cook his chicken, fir hasn't been invented yet. "But hey," he thought. "This is KFC! this is Mother Nature. I'll just eat them raw!" So the headless Mr. Wolf stated going around looking for his head. He first came head first, err... headless first, into a deep gorge. "ahh!" Mr Wolf screamed, but he had no mouth.
    Poor Mr. Wolf, too many priorly beheaded chickens, and not enough mouths. Now he realized many faults in his disguises. So, being hungry as he was, Mr. Wolf asked for help from the headless Wolf Fairy. "The fairy took one look at Mr. Wolf and figured out what his wish was! He snapped his fingers and "Poof!" Mr. Wolf hand a party hat but no head. MR. Wolf was pissed and flicked the gairy off, so the fairy thought his granting of the wish for that was  arather interesting wish. Following the wolf's second wish, a beatiful wolf appeared, and to the dismay of the wolf, she began to consume the chickens. The chickens all ran to a nude chicken beach to escape.