the uncomprenhensively ghetto fabo
by: Stevie Boy, KennyLaine, Chrissy W., Hammy, and Fraggle

   One day in downtown Richmond, Mr. Bob-man was chillin with his homies, which included Mr. Duck, the stick man, and George W. Bush. MR. Bob-man realized that one of his homies was missing.... then he looked at the decripit Mr. Fluffy and noticed a twitching leg in Mr. Fluffy's mouth and LD was missing! Then LD immediately popped out of Mr. Bob-man's ear, causing Mr. Bob-man to have a brain hemmorage and fall over. Then George W. Bush, otherwise known as Dandan, flew back to Florida to request a 2,000,000th recount of the votes. THe Floridians were quite pissy about the whole thing, so they corrupted the whole election making the new president... CHRIS HAMM! Chris immediately began saying, "I'm outlawing numbers, expecially the number 7, because i'm a numberist!" He then, beging the excellent person he is, outlawed democracy and became a completely ruler, then he was suddenly assissinated by George W. Bush! George W. Bush savagely ripped Chris heart out and ate it with great dignitude and strategery as was commonly used in Texas as the death penalty.
    Such savergry couldn't be accepted by his moral democracy ridden followers. Poor Bush, he was not DEBATABLE! Mr. Duck could NOT accept this treachery. So Mr. Duck found the little bazooka boy and hired him to shoot sheep at GW Bush. So the boy stalked down to Florida and asked everyone where he could find GW Bush. Unfortunately, all the people in Florida were old and senile so they led him to Jeb Bush instead! WHat a tragedy, Jeb Bush died of the torture devices Bazooka Boy and Mr. Duck used to find where GW Bush was. Eventually, GW Bush was found by Mr. Duck. Mr. Duck couldn't stand having this... this... DEBATABLE man near him, so he told the little bazooka boy to finish him off. But before he could pull the trigger, Debatable Joe came out! Complete with stripey tie and evil glasses! All of which blew into bits as he accidently stepped in front of GW Bush. George W Bush said, "If this youngster haded had a betterer edumactation then he never woulda stepped out in fronta a badeded sheep gunn. It's time two increase edumacational spending" At which point, Mr. Duck came in and symbolically impaled GW Bush with a scrabble board, ruining Debatable Joe's tie with splattered blood stains. AS he died, George W Bush said, "As the... President... the question I have to answer is............... 'Is our children getting an edumacation?'" Out came Senator George Allen to avegner Bush with his education reforms! AKA THE SOLS! But didn't know Bush was a SOL as the Bazooka Boy fired a missile at him. IT missed George Allen and George Allen retored by hurling SOL's at him. Then suddenly, Al Gore came up and bragged, "I created SOl's THey were all my idea! And I created the internet! I fought in the Civil WAr! I mean the War of 1812! Opps I mean World War III!!!! and my grandfather......"
    "Hey! You created the SOL's! DIE!" said the boy as he blew away Gore with the sheep bazooka.