Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Guys and Gals, Males and Females, Women and Men, Step Right Up, It's....

the GAME!!!
written by the lovely people of FIRC HOMEBASE rothman 7th LAST YEAR!!!

There's nothing in the world that's worse than FIRC.
They make us do pointless busywork.
Rothman and Macdonald are cool I know,
But Barnes and Shannon just gotta go.
Barnes is cool yo, I like squid sex!
(This fat dude at my Y likes wearing spandex.)
If you have FIRC, just pray for snow!
There's no way they can't let you go!
I really have a problem with Mrs. Shan(non)
Sometimes I wonder if she isn't really a Man(son).
I'm pretty sure where she got those big glasses.
From the old guys next door who have big....(gluteous maximuses).
Hey they're not the only ones with big....(gluteous maximuses),
Mrs. Shannons' one too plus an ego that matches.
I'd like to get off this subject of.....(gluteous maximuses),
When you sit in FIRC class, time is as slow as molasses!
I'd rather be sitting and playing Yahtzee,
Than getting flunked by that dumb point nazi!