I love stuff that rhymes so make your lines rhyme with each other!  It's the....
this was from last year: i think it's from science... then it would be by stevie, amy, helen and me
There once was a frog named Bailey,
Who liked to play in the commode.
Then one day a car got a little too close,
And then he was Toad Ala Road.

All the way from the country,
Came in a car a family.
They picked the toad right off the road,
And ate it with some gravy.

This severely upset Bailey's mummy
And she happened to have an empty tummy,
So she gobbled those nicks right up
And burned her son's remains and put the ashes in a cup.

Uncle Bob saw the ashes and thought, "This coffee is too good to save!"
He poured some water in and stuck it in the microwave!
Bailey's mummy ran in just then and yelled,
While Uncle Bob exclaimed, "This is the best coffee they ever selled!"

Bailey's mom got really ticked off
And beat Bob until he was dead.
Then Bailey's mom made some new coffee
Out of Uncle Bob's rotting head.

She went off to kill all the neighbors
And put them all in a mound.
"The people love this!" she said.
And that's how Starbucks was found(ed).