Isn't it already established that the Govvies love their cartoons?
Well here's some animated guys and gals that are just

Let's start out with some hot anime!!!

The Good?
-- Well let's just say that trenchcoats are good, and boy are there a lot of trenchcoats! Very unproportional in a rather good way... for me (and some others...) the legs and arms that were 2/3's of the entire body and the anorexic look were pretty appealing, for the guys... well, c'mon! you've seen anime before! i'll tell you about it later...
-- If the guys look bad (not very likely... it's more likely that there's no guys and all girls) there's always that one (or more) cute critter! yay for anime animals!

The Bad?
-- Are Japanese bias against girl viewers? god, there's hardly any guy anime shows... i saw basically a handful between all the boobs popping out of their really tight whatchamacallit. Haa! And you thought Misty was skanky!!!!

The Ugly?
-- Considering I saw more boobs than baby hamsters after hamster mating season, and more thongs than that awful song by that awful rap person, I'm probably scarred for my whole life. I'm sure some of you might not feel that same way, but god, I could feel pizza coming up my esophogus! I guess it's a cultural gap.

Here's the GOODS!!!!

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