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nicknames are used to protect us

Flattest feet: (blank) -- you know what i mean!
                              Okay Okay.. this is pretty sick but i'll say it anyways..
                              You know what people say about people with big feet?
                              What about people with FLAT feet??? hehehe..
Cutest guy (according to sources) in the Freshie class: Partially-formed Transformah!!! yeah man!
Worst eyesight: AIMEE J. LEE for her comment in Biology
                              AJL: Wow! Look at the size of that rat's butt!
                              Mrs. E: No Aimee, those are his testicles
Prettiest Eyes: Helen (no duh!)
                              Helen would like to add that Steven has the prettiest eyes
                              No Helen! Too late! You have been corrupted!!! myahh ha ha!
Most hormonial flow to the brain (and down below too): Jim
                              Quite possibly because of Uncle Tom and Aunt Jane (i think)
                              They have scarred him for life: now he's screwing around with
                              fish, 4-yr olds, moms, etc.
Most likely to faint from an overflow of blood to her face: Amy! duh!
                              Is there a time when amy doesn't turn red????
Most likely to eat a brownie!: The one and only Masta Cow!!!
                              M. Cow would like to say that his hair is the one who is controlling his
                              eating habits... yeah... right...
Most homophobic bigot: Kristen
                              Kristen: Would you like to risk showing up with the same color as a guy!?
                              How masculine!!! EWWW!!!
                              Kirsten wrote next to a pic of this guy: I am a fat gay little boy!
Most successful in scaring little children after age 50: Kyle and Jim
                              Make sure you're not a victim! FIGHT BACK! (make sure you don't live
                              in either's city... for the sake of your children, and your children's children,
                              and if they live long enough... your children's children's children!)
Most likely to be beaten by her "friends" for making fun of them: Dandy!!!
                              It would be much easier if you went for an less likely to fight back target,
Most likely to play the "smurfette" in a really bad real life movie version of the smurfs (hint hint... think X-men): Meridity (for all who don't know already... it is pronounced like aphrodite)
                              Ewww...!!! (hopefully it isn't some of our interpretation on why there is only
                              one girl smurf....)
Most likely to be haunted by potato messanger for her "lunchboxism" religious rip-off!: Maura
                              Grrrr...!!! i think we're gonna adapt a Catholist concept into our religion.
                              TO THE GREAT FREEZER!!!!!!
Most likely to beat up everybody, go into depression, and die of an overdose: Mr. Duck
                              Thanks a lot... JIM! Now look what you have done!
Most likely to object the fact that he isn't the first one on this list, while remarking the fact that a Goochlander was even before him: Ben
                              Well booo to you! (sorry, i remain impartial when it comes to counties)
Most likely to become a famous philosophical genius: Courtney
                              Especially for her revelation due to the bus system in relation to the society
                              in each county. Each county is in a bunch (Henrico, Chesterfield, Richmond)
                              while the Goochlander must walk longer to reach his/her bus (symbolic
                              for their distance from society) and how the Powatanian bus comes after
                              the other buses leaves (also symbolizing their distance [by time] from society)
(you thought i could make a nice superlative! hahaha! i proved you wrong! well... back to disses)
Most likely to be kidnapped and taped to the end of a giant boat because of her curiousity: Jini
                              The senario was totally random but she will be in some kind of trouble due to
                              her curiousity... yes... that... was... a... THREAT!
Most likely to do a voice impression of SATAN and develop a severe throat/voice deformity in the process: Chris H.
                              I've said it before... you'll never be able to pull that off for an extended period
                              so ha! you don't scare me! (well... maybe just a little)
Most likely to be beaten for a false cause: Meridity of course! for sharing the first name as MB! (aka the dark angel)
                              Taken from Julius Caesar (with name subsitution):
                              MSH: Truly, my name is Meredith
                              1st Plebeian (aka Fellow GSGIS student): Tear her to pieces! She's
                              __________. (use your imagination)
                              MSH: I am not the Dark Angel!
                              4th Plebeian (aka YOU): It's no matter, her name's Meredith; pluck but her
                              name out of her heart, and turn her going. (translation: YOU DIE!)

This one wasn't by me!!!!! Jini made me do it!
Most likely to be murdered by 4 the creation of this superlative page by those on this page - dandan

Most likely to end up in a mental institution........~THE ANOREXIC HERIONE ADDICT!

Most likely to buy a trenchcoat--------EVERYONE!

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